Monday, January 18, 2010

The Philippines And Filipinos Of Literature

I've resolved to note the times something Philippine-related appears in a book I'm reading. Tips and contributions are welcome; let's see what picture emerges.

Starting things off, here's something from Wight Martindale Jr.'s Inside the Cage: A Season at West 4th Street's Legendary Tournament:
[Image grabbed from here.]
[Lambert] Shell was selected as the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year as a freshman, and he was then named Player of the Year for the next three years. He was a three-time Division II All-American, and some people claim he may have been the best Division II player ever. During Lambert’s stay at Bridgeport, the team won 103 games and lost only 31. Although Shell got a tryout with the Utah Jazz, he did not stick, so he went to Sweden for one year, after which he spent five years in the Philippines, finally leaving in 1998.
Shell still holds the Philippine Basketball Association record for most minutes played in a single game: he once played 63 minutes in a triple overtime game as an import for the Sta. Lucia Realtors in the 1990s.

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