Sunday, January 24, 2010

Missed By A Mile

For the first time in weeks I picked up a newspaper, but I put it down as soon as I encountered this article:
Resignations, terminations rock TV world
By Nestor Torre
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Aside from the Cowell connection, the TV world is reeling from other major casting changes that threaten to negatively affect couch potatoes’ viewing options. First and most dishearteing is NBC’s decision to peremptorily pull the plug on Jay Leno’s new talk-variety show.

Quick backgrounder: Leno used to host the network’s hit “Tonight” show for many years until he opted to do his own program on its earlier time slot, and his former late-night show was taken over by Conan O’Brien.

Alas, Leno didn’t do as well with his new program, possibly because his “late-night” hosting style was deemed too goofy by his new group of viewers, who demanded “real” entertainment as opposed to generally “crazy” hi-jinks.


To make the rout complete, O’Brien also failed to click with the “Tonight” crowd, who found him even crazier than Leno! In any case, NBC has offered Leno his old time slot back—so where does that leave Conan? He has the option of coming on after Leno, but for only 30 minutes, because after him, Jimmy Fallon’s even more late-late show needs to be accommodated. So, what’ll it be for O’Brien? (News flash: O’Brien has rejected the offer.)

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I guess the writer couldn't be bothered to do a little fact-checking. No wonder people don't put much stock in what they read in the papers anymore.

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