Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Wide Divide

Three brave people stand in the way of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's coronation as representative of the province of Pampanga’s second congressional district: Liberal Party bet Adonis Simpao, and independent candidates Filipinas Sampang and Feliciano Serrano.

So how big is the disparity between Arroyo on one hand, and Simpao, Serrano, and Sampang on the other hand?
Simpao is an architect with an unfinished house in Barangay San Matias in Guagua town.

The construction of the family’s bungalow, started seven years ago, is done depending on his earnings. In contrast, a house attributed to Arroyo and built in Lubao under the Arroyo family’s Eva Development Corporation took less than 10 months to finish.

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Serrano filed his candidacy all by himself Monday last week in the same venue in the polls body’s dark provincial office on the second floor of a building along Mendoza St. in downtown San Fernando.

Serrano’s filing of COC was different from that of Pres. Arroyo. The President’s filing was attended by fanfare that started in a Mass concelebrated by 12 priests at the San Agustin church in her Lubao hometown through a balloon-festooned rally and then a motorcade to the Comelec.

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While media outlets deserve credit for featuring Arroyo's competitors, they should get their Five Ws (and one H) right.

For instance, they ought to quit referring to Simpao as an architect. Sure, he has a degree in Architecture, but Simpao himself has already admitted that he never took the architectural board examinations.

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