Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tibibord In A.D. 2009

Based on the entries on this blog, this is how my 2009 looked like.
Took pictures of imported "domestic" cheese and alliterative cleaning materials. Witnessed failures of intelligence. Bought replacement eyeglasses lenses. Endured the groping of paranoid mall cops. Received a Susan B. Anthony dollar. Noted highfalutin words. Was asked to chip in to a "goat fund."

Took pictures of Spongebob underpants and grammatically incorrect signs. Welcomed the 1,001st visitor to The Past and the Spurious. Wondered about the correct conjugation of a Filipino verb. Transferred more posts from my old blog. Forgot the key to my room again. Answered a meme. Was awed by Sean's writing. Read good and bad news about Megan Fox and Adriana Lima.

Took pictures of addictive food and grammatically incorrect signs. Answered a meme. Discovered a groovy religion. Noted some more highfalutin words. Grew old. Was told I had a celebrity look-alike. Discovered the ultimate movie bucket list.

Discovered what Gretchen Barretto meant by "BFF." Answered a meme. Saw proof that barristers broke the Internets. Transferred some more old blog posts. Terminated myself. Cheered when a college blockmate had a book published. Took pictures of book covers. Found something in common with singer Karylle.

Stumbled on BB Gandanghari's blog. Watched Manny Pacquiao break Britain's heart. Transferred more old blog entries. Had a blast reading the oddest court order ever written. Posted my blog disclosure policy. Heard about Candy Pangilinan's faux pas. Stumbled on Lourd de Veyra's blog. Commented on the media games lawyers play. Read that there will be no Tanduay shortage in the near future.

Transferred more old blog entries. Discovered Shanelle Loraine. Noticed something different about the new Pilipinas Kong Mahal! banners. Answered memes. Cheered when another college blockmate had a book published. Heard that the Candy Pangilinan incident had a happy ending. Discovered the ways the new US President is cool. Celebrated the LA Lakers' NBA championship win. Learned that one never crosses the Chief Justice of the Philippines. Attempted to learn the Moonwalk. Read Olivia Munn's crack at Cebu's dancing inmates.  

Transferred more old blog entries. Kept tabs on the campaigns of the Blue Eagles, the Lady Eagles, and the Fighting Maroons in UAAP Season 72. Had a near-encounter with the A(H1N1) virus. Discovered Jessica Mendoza. Started my UAAP "Jerseyvaluation" series. Was amused by Chot Reyes. Contrasted aspiring nurses with aspiring lawyers. Beat someone to a taxi. Celebrated this blog's first anniversary.

Transferred more old blog entries. Kept tabs on the campaigns of the Blue Eagles, the Lady Eagles, and the Fighting Maroons. Confirmed a meme. Applauded the late Cory Aquino's honor guard. Continued my UAAP "Jerseyvaluation" series. Discovered that my old college professor Fr. Adolfo Dacanay, S.J. is also an avid Blue Eagles fan. Learned that Neil Gaiman nearly wrote a Sandman anniversary story. Answered a meme. Remembered an Oasis-related memory.

Transferred more old blog entries. Kept tabs on the campaigns of the Blue Eagles and the Lady Eagles. Gave my two cents' worth on the blogging versus tweeting question. Unearthed amusing videos from Nirvana and Ron Artest. Was disgusted by Malaca├▒ang's spin doctors. Wished barristers good luck. Continued my UAAP "Jerseyvaluation" series. Was mistaken for a foreigner. Transacted business in government offices. Heard that the Pe├▒afrancia festival was marred by violence. Was saddened by the fatal shooting of my old high school guidance counselor Bong Bio.Cheered that the Blue Babble Battalion finally finished in the money at the UAAP cheerdance competition. Discovered ways the new US President is cool. Learned that the trains will run in my hometown again. Saw a looonganisa up close. Answered a meme. Received a cool shirt as a gift. Was relieved that my old stomping ground in Marikina survived tropical storm Ondoy. Hear about Rain Love on Manila.  

Kept tabs on the campaigns of the Blue Eagles and the Lady Eagles. Was awed by my alma mater's unprecedented post-Ondoy move. Transferred more old blog entries. Received this blog's 5,001st visitor. Saluted the Filipino. Celebrated the Blue Eagles' second straight UAAP championship. Wrapped up my UAAP "Jerseyvaluation" series. Read some good and some bad news. Googled stuff. Wrongly thought that my old college teacher Ruey de Vera got into an accident. Read about the PBA's version of the Malice at the Palace. Reposted a friend's thoughts on Erap's second run at the presidency. Watched what the LA Lakers have been doing in the preseason. Congratulated champion coach Ato Agustin. Encountered a Girl Scout. Found an interesting item on the Supreme Court website. Learned Sen. Noynoy Aquino's stand on the creation of a new congressional district in my home province. Discovered that Manny Pacquiao and Sen. Manny Villar are buddies. Started to warm up to Ron Artest.   

Learned that a college batchmate is launching a line of luxury caskets. Watched BatManu in action. Transferred more old blog entries. Suffered through the lowest recorded temperature in decades. Did someone a favor. Learned of Manny Pacquiao's latest achievement. Commented on the composition of the UAAP's All-Star team. Read that Filipino fighters won some and lost some in the same weekend. Started watching my steps. Ghostwrote a police report. Read about a good weekend on the international stage for Filipinos. Encountered an old, award-winning  short film again. Was not sold on Joey de Venecia. Discovered another way the new US President is cool. Said goodbye to my old TV set.

Transferred more old blog entries. Read that Rain Love on Manila is starting to make waves. Remembered Loyola Gym-related memories. Gave my two cents' worth on Proclamation 1959. Found Ateneo de Manila commemorative stamps online. Read about the people running against Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Greeted my alma mater on its sesquicentennial. Celebrated the Blue Eagles' latest championship. Empathized with Judge Luisito Cortez. Saw karma at work. Found a six year-old check.Was told that an old college teacher was never in an accident.
On the other hand, here are the books I read and the movies I saw in 2009.

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