Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time Of His Life

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Everyone's talking about Manny Pacquiao's Time Asia cover, that he's the first Filipino since the late President Corazon Aquino to be so featured, how it's such a big honor … Meh. To me, that Pacquiao made it to ESPN The Magazine's latest "Body Issue" was the more impressive accomplishment. (No knock on Time; I just like the writing on The Mag.)

Still, I read "The Meaning of Manny" cover article. Here's an excerpt: 
From Zero to Hero
Pacquiao was not one to pick quarrels. But he did not shy away when friends got into free-for-alls: what he calls, with an almost pop-eyed relish, bukbukan — unrestrained fistfighting. He loved boxing. Dionisia recalls an 8-year-old Manny wrapping towels around his hands to mimic gloves. Rey Golingan, a General Santos City businessman, remembers the young Pacquiao attending the weekly bouts in the main plaza. "Manny was always there at the fights, waiting to be paired with someone," says Golingan. But his consistency wasn't matched by any obvious talent. "Honestly, I didn't see any potential in Manny. He was just another kid who knew if he won a few fights he might get 100 pesos [less than $3]," says Golingan. "He was always very courageous and had natural speed and power. But he wasn't a clever boxer ... He was [always] flailing around."
I wonder what the authors were referring to, "bakbakan" or "bugbugan"?

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