Saturday, November 7, 2009

Awan Anyaman, Apong

While I was loitering at a sari-sari store in-between classes yesterday a wizened old woman shuffled over to where I sat. She seemed to be muttering something—I wasn't sure, it could've been a tic from old age—and from her right hand dangled a small plastic bag containing empty plastic bottles.

When the old woman stopped in front of me I thought, She's going to ask me something, but she didn't look in my direction. I followed her gaze and saw that she was eyeing the trashcan near my foot. I looked closer and saw two small bottles of C2 and mineral water.

Something inside me clicked then. I reached down instinctively and fished out the empties one after the other and placed them inside the old woman's plastic bag.

She said something before shuffling off again, but her voice was too soft so I didn't catch it.

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