Sunday, October 18, 2009

Perhaps Mishaps

Whoa, one of my college teachers got into a horrible accident.
The day I met a drunk driver
By Ruel S. De Vera
Philippine Daily Inquirer

One Saturday night after a violin lesson I was walking to where the cabs were. I was at the sidewalk of a one-way street, when suddenly all I could see was the ground spinning so fast my brain hardly had time to register that I was rolling on the asphalt, stopping only when my head hit the bumper of a parked jeepney.

I sat up immediately, disoriented while I looked for my things. People on the street went to me, with everyone talking all at once how some speeding and swerving car hit me. I checked myself and found that I was bleeding—my head, face, and nose. Then an old man came up to me. “Are you the one who hit me?” I asked him point blank, still in disbelief that I was almost roadkilled. “Yes,” he said feebly. “Are you drunk?” “Slightly.” He reeked of alcohol.

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Like I said, horrible. Good to know Sir Ruey is now recovering.

Perhaps because I'm careful, lucky, bad grass, or a combination of those, save for a beer bottle mishap I haven't met a major accident (knock on wood). I've had some close calls, of course.

On my birthday seven or eight years back, the car I was riding was rear-ended by another along C.P. Garcia Street in UP Diliman. After convoying to the nearest police station to report the incident (I rode in the other car), our group still went for beers and billiards.

There was also one time I found a car on top of my foot. That was mostly my fault—I was reading my codal while crossing the road in front of Romulo Hall in UP Diliman when all of a sudden, my left foot was under the right front wheel of a Civic. I felt no pain because I was wearing solid basketball shoes. I just calmly pulled my foot out and continued on my way, still reading.

[30 December 2009 Edit]

There's an update to this story.

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