Thursday, October 29, 2009

Manny, Manny, Money?

No Filipino wishes for it to happen, but if Manny Pacquiao loses to Miguel Cotto next month he will have no one but himself to blame: he allows himself too many distractions. Check out this clip from the first episode of HBO's excellent four-part fight documentary, 24/7 Pacquiao/Cotto.

Footage from that episode were shot a couple of weeks back when Pacquiao was training here in Baguio City for his November 14 fight. Typhoon "Ramil" (international name: “Lupit") was threatening the city at the time so trainer Freddie Roach was anxious to leave for Manila and avoid being stranded here. Pacquiao agreed, but prevailed upon Roach to postpone their departure until the next day.

The docu's chronology seems to imply that Pacquiao delayed leaving Baguio in order to meet with presidential aspirant Senator Manny Villar at the Camp John Hay Manor. (Hmm, what on earth could they have been discussing?) Roach flew off the handle when he discovered this and threatened to quit as Pacquiao's trainer. The looks on the faces of Pacquiao and Villar (1:02 mark onwards) when Roach gatecrashes their little powwow … priceless.

[Hat tip to Fire Quinito.]

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