Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Bit Of Good News

It was only when I got home from school late last Saturday that I learned of the number tropical storm Ondoy was then doing to Metro Manila.

My first (and selfish) thought upon seeing pictures and videos of the flooding was, Thank God I no longer lived there. Then I began to wonder how De la Costa Homes in Barangka, Marikina, where I lived for almost twelve years, was holding up.

I was worried—after all, Katipunan Avenue in Loyola Heights was underwater—but not too worried. DLCH sits on a hill, beside and below the Ateneo de Manila campus. My years of living there gave me hope that while the waters would surely cascade from Ateneo, they would merely pass through De la Costa before settling at the bottom of the hill.

Then last night, I received a bit of good news. A former housemate who helped at the relief center in Ateneo passed through De la Costa and saw that it wasn't flooded. It looked like my old stomping ground was spared the worst.

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