Saturday, July 18, 2009

UAAP Season 72: Jerseyvaluation

It's good to look good, better to play good, but best to look good while playing good. And because all teams in the UAAP Season 72 men's basketball tournament have now debuted, it's time to see which squads are rocking the best uniforms.

To help settle the matter there's a poll in the sidebar. Feel free to vote. I will also be using Paul Lukas' S.U.C.K. Index as (a) it's as good an evaluation tool as any, (b) "Uni Watch: Operation overhaul" was a great read, and (c) I have neither the time nor the originality to come up with my own.

The Index, in the words of Mr. Lukas, considers the following four variables:
Stale: Are we all sick of looking at this design? Does the mere thought of it put you to sleep? Does it lack zip, pizzazz, juice?

Ugly: Does this uniform have, as they say, a face made for radio?

Calendar: Is the uniform dated? Can you take one look at it and know when it was designed?

Karma: How has the team performed in this design? Is there some aspect of the uniform that makes no sense? Are there any other intangibles to consider?

If we rate each component on a scale of 1 to 10 and then add up the numbers, we get the uniform's S.U.C.K. rating.
The higher the S.U.C.K. grade, the more a particular uniform, well, sucks. Simple enough, right?

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