Thursday, July 30, 2009

TPatS First Anniversary

A year ago today I started The Past and the Spurious. How fast time flies; I've reached Post #193 when in the beginning I didn't expect the blog to last.

For posterity's sake here are the numbers for the past twelve months:

[Image grabbed from Site]
[Image grabbed from Site]

Daps to everyone: friends; regulars; lurkers; those who linked here; those who commented on a post; those who left comments in the sidebar shoutbox; the fans of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, UAAP basketball, ADMU courtside reporter Jessica Mendoza, and pool player Shanelle Loraine who all ended up here; and lastly, the people I wrote about with or without their knowledge and/or consent. Props to ST of From the 50 Peso Seats for being the first and only TPatS Follower.

Apologies if I missed anyone. There's always next year, right?

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