Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thoughts On The Funnies

All the talk about comics and crossword puzzles in the comments section of a previous post led me to take a closer look at the Philippine Daily Inquirer's Comic Relief section.

Because there's, I now buy the paper version only when I'm going to be stuck for hours at some bank or government office. As a result the issues sitting in my room are dated months apart.

On 27 May 2008 the Inquirer's Comic Relief section looked like this, from left-to-right, top-to-bottom:
Shirley's Pets by Robert Magnuson
A. Lipin by Jess Abrera
Tuldok by Papu and Tatum Milambiling
Pugad Baboy by P.M. Junior
Divine Comedy by Steven Pabalinas
Garfield by Jim Davis
Salamin by Darwin Perez
Baby Blues by Jerry Scott
Atomo and Weboy by Lyra Garcellano
Loveknots by Elizabeth Chionglo
Kiko Machine by Manix Abrera
Ben by Daniel Shelton
By 24 July 2008 Shirley's Pets was gone. In its place was Jomike Toledo's Mikrokosmos.

Come 19 September 2008, Salamin and Mikrokosmos were gone as well. They were replaced by Dick Locher's Dick Tracy and Yaroslav Horak's Ian Fleming's James Bond, respectively.

As of yesterday, there's been no change. They just jumbled the placements a bit. However, the only strips that are consistently funny are Pugad Baboy, Kiko Machine, Baby Blues, Ben, and Garfield, a measly 5 out 12. Maybe they ought to rename that section.


  1. I wish it was possible to hate Divine Comedy to death, it's not even "so bad it's funny", it's just bad.

  2. Rather than waste 10 seconds, I skip reading that strip. Thanks for dropping by. Do I know you personally?


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