Saturday, August 9, 2008

Heckle And Hyde

NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas flew into the country last month for a promotional tour. A few days ago, I discovered his blog entry about the experience:
Everybody Should Visit Manila
Jul 14, 2008


Plus, with the security I had, I felt like I was the President. I felt like I was Obama. I really felt like I was running in the presidential election, especially when I got to meet the U.S. ambassador out in the Philippines. We had a great time talking to each other.

We actually went to a college basketball game together. Their college game would be like if it was Duke and Maryland playing each other and you split the crowd in half, 50-50. One side of their gym was blue and one side of their gym was green and everybody was just yelling.

Backstage I met Manny Pacquiao, he’s the town hero. I have to be honest, they made me feel even bigger than him at the moment. I talked to him and he invited me to his November fight, so if I have time and depending on if we have a day off, I might go see that. Oh, I also met Jet Li in Shanghai, can’t leave him out.

On top of everything else in Manila, I stayed at the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at – The Peninsula. I was in the mack daddy “El Presidente” suite and was like the Fresh Prince with Geoffrey – I had a live-in butler.


Arenas was at the Ateneo-La Salle game last July 6!

I watched the telecast but they didn't show him on cam. Or maybe they did—I wouldn't know; I was asleep by the end of the first quarter! Stupid, yes, because the Blue Eagles won that game in the last few seconds.

I can confirm, however, the kind of security Arenas said he had. I saw it with my own eyes.

You see, the day before that game my friends and I attended R+K's wedding. The reception was at the Manila Peninsula and we totally abused the open bar. We were hanging out at the lobby when Arenas arrived.

He had with him a large security detail. And like all bodyguards worth their salt, his looked willing and able to beat people up.

At this point my memory's hazy, but I'm almost sure I heckled Gilbert Arenas as his entourage passed no more than twenty feet from us.

I don't know what came ov—wait, scratch that. I do know what came over me: liquid courage! Also, I was so secure that I had resbak of my own. Had there been an incident my friends would've made sure I didn't bloody my suit too much.

Too bad Arenas didn't notice the one Filipino who didn't think he was the bee's knees. I missed being blogged about by someone famous!


  1. you did heckle him! you told us about it after! haha :D i can't remember right now exactly what you said tho.

  2. It think it was Syd, Mark, Camille and Reg that were with me.

  3. Haha nope, it was Syd, Camille, Mark and Denise who were with you. Reg and I were eating in our room. And he remembers na your kwento. You called him LOSER! hahahaha :D

  4. A talaga? Whooops! No more alcohol for this boy then.


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