Sunday, March 12, 2006

Thinking Brokeback

I bought a Brokeback Mountain DVD in Marikina Riverbanks. The musical score and the cinematography were great, but Heath Ledger's mumbling wasn't. The PC at home couldn't handle the adult content—it quit playing when the two cowboys got it on the second time.

Why didn't they use the sheep? It's a good thing I didn't make the movie, or there would've been a scene like this instead:
Ennis Del Mar: Do me a favor, Jack.
Jack Twist: What?
Ennis Del Mar: [Mumbles and unzips his pants.]
Jack Twist: Alright!
Ennis Del Mar: Hold this damned sheep for me, will you?

Seriously though, Brokeback Mountain is beautiful. That two-shirts-on-one-hanger thing at the end kills.


  1. You just made an admission that you bought a DVD of Brokeback in Riverbanks...

  2. i agree, that was an admission. :) and i agree too that heath ledger's mumbling was pissing. reviews say it's the result when you force yourself to speak the way cowboys do, when you're a metropolitan.

  3. the thing is, i watched it in cinema. at oo, sobrang pinahirapan din ako ni heath ledger. but then again, nabasa ko kasi yung short story so it was tolerable.

    and yes, i love the shirt-inside-the-jacket thing. :]

  4. didn't know you had a thing for sheep!

    not surprised, though. mwahahaha.

  5. punzi: should i expect edu to break down my door and haul me to jail soon?

    vic: kaya siguro dai sya nanggana sa oscars.

    ie: punta ka ng riverbanks tapos bili ka rin ng pirated dvd para puntahan ka din ni edu.

    karen: tadu.

  6. the shirt insde the jacket? very poignant scene, indeed!

  7. tiborce: ayoko sa riverbanks. halatang-halata kasing illegal ang pirated dun. medyo hindi kasi popular na yun ang ibebenta mo dun. sa bayan na lang ako. ha ha. :]

  8. hoy! tagal na wala sulat! tagal na di kita nakita! ano na nangyayari sa yo!

  9. ie: dunno where the "source" is in bayan. will have to research.

    cyber: am dead, in case you missed the news bulletin.:-)

  10. Hey,

    Stumbled upon your blog and thought it was quite good.

    Just got back from Manila about 3 wks ago and it was my first time there, unfortunately had to go for my mom's funeral.

    NEways, my niece just moved from Pinas to Seattle last year to be with her new hubby. She needs to meet more pinoys there, can ya hook her up? LOL.

    And maybe this is just a guy thing but I watched Brokeback in the theatres here (in Canada) and lovely as it was, I didn't get that feeling you all seem to be getting from the shirt scene. What's the deal yo?


  11. I think the film was okay but not really to the point that it's something exceptional. I don't know, with all the hype it's been getting, I'm glad it didn't win the Oscar, but that's another story.

  12. i watched it @ home. yeah, it was a pirated copy. i agree, heath's mumblings were really hard to understand. but the movie was great nonetheless. and jake was freaking gorgoeus. hayyy...


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