Monday, August 30, 2004


I tried to get an insurance premium quotation from the Txt2Protect program that's being advertised now. It's very useful—if your phone's insured and you lose it, it will be replaced. If it's damaged, Txt2Protect will pay for the repairs. Unfortunately the program does not cover my phone model. Is it because it's an old one? Then they should have placed disclaimers in their ads to the effect that some models may not be covered, because in the item I read in the paper there was no such condition. Does it mean I have to buy a new model to avail of the insurance?

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Cause For Wahoo!s

We had our first game yesterday afternoon. I was late—the game was at 4 p.m. but I woke up at 3:30 p.m. I got to the RFM Gym inside an hour but it was already the fourth quarter.

I entered the game with five minutes remaining. Play was delayed since I had a white shirt on when our team was supposed to wear dark colors. The referee only continued the game after a teammate lent me a jersey.

I didn't do much. I didn't even attempt a shot. But I had a couple of rebounds and a pick that freed a teammate for a jump shot.

Muntik din akong mapa-away. I bumped an opposing player and he fell. When he got up he gave me a piece of his mind. I turned my back. Basketball is a physical sport. Like Robert Jaworski said, "Kung ayaw mong masaktan, mag-chess ka na lang."

We won, by the way. Our next game's on Saturday. I promise to be early.


The UP Maroons won, too. They beat FEU and extended their winning streak to five games, something that hasn't happened since 1986. More importantly, the loss dropped the Tamaraws to second place. Ateneo is in solo first place!

Isn't it obvious I'm happy?

Monday, August 23, 2004


We had tickets to the Ateneo-La Salle game but I didn't wake up in time.

It turned out to be a good thing—Ateneo lost. Or maybe it was a bad thing. The Blue Eagles have never lost this season whenever I watch their games live.

Ateneo is still tied for first, but if they want to stay there they have to stop opponents from establishing big leads early in the game. It's a bad habit. There will be games where they won't be able come back.


Please don't get me started on the Philippines' miserable campaign in the ongoing Olympics.

In contrast, the UP Maroons have now won their fourth straight. They're making a serious run at a Final Four slot. Good for them. Peyups people no longer have an excuse now not to watch.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Voted In

"Kasama ka sa basketball team, ha."

Uh... okay.

I hope I don't stink. I haven't played for more than six months.

But I don't expect to be fielded, being the newbie and all. They only drafted me because I'm tall. They don't even have the slightest idea about my game. Panakot lang ako. Enforcer. Taga-foul.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Back In Business

I caught the last 15 minutes or so of the Ateneo-UST game yesterday. The Blue Eagles won, bouncing back from the loss to UE that ended their seven-game win streak. And now that the pressure of a possible perfect season is off, they can get down to the business of building another winning streak. The game was fun to watch, but not just because my team won. The Blue Eagles showed they know how to bounce back from a big loss. And that they are a team in the first place. Almost all contributed, so Coach Sandy Arespacochaga had the luxury of fielding his bench players. And if that game is any indication, Ateneo is going to be a contender during the next few seasons. The rookies and sophomores showed a lot of promise, especially 6-7 Japeth Aguilar who made two free throws, a highlight dunk, and a series of blocks late in the fourth quarter. Now if only he would bulk up. Daily trips to Manang's for liempo and nilagang baka should do the trick. I'm sorry I didn't catch the UP-UE which the Maroons won. They now have the longest active winning streak in the league, three straight wins. This is a very pleasant surprise since they have one of the weakest line-ups in the league. Even if they don't make the Final Four this year, they have something to build on for next season. For the rest of this season other teams will no longer take them lightly. I think the next Ateneo game is on Saturday. Piyesta na naman ang mga scalper sa Araneta!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Heinous Criminal

An officemate who was tired of lugging her pillow put it inside my bag. I was already home when I realized I still had it.

Naturally, I sent a ransom note. This was the reply:
Merci monseiur. Les pillow es innocent. I will come up with the money somehow. Please spare the poor unan.

First Time For Everything

Ateneo lost for the first time this season yesterday. Somehow the UE Red Warriors managed to hold LA Tenorio scoreless. Bye-bye, perfect season! In other news, UP beat UST. The Maroons now have a winning streak!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

In Other News...

I was in the Araneta Coliseum last Sunday for the much-awaited Ateneo-FEU match. I almost popped a vein!

The Blue Eagles led by 14 at halftime but the Tamaraws, led by reigning MVP Arwind Santos and Denok Miranda, dropped a big run in the third quarter to tie the game.

Good thing LA Tenorio again came through with a dagger three that broke a 62-all tie. Props also to Chris Tiu (who was cheered and jeered each time the coliseum monitor showed his Master Facial Cleanser TV commercial) for preserving the win with free throws in the endgame.


At the game I ran into an old friend. In Ateneo de Naga we were classmates sophomore year in high school, then boardmates and co-CAT officers in our junior and senior years. Since then we didn't see much of each other, so it was nice to catch up on things.


Right now I'm inside the office pantry. The TV is tuned in to GMA 7's Unang Hirit. Onscreen is Toto Sorioso, a friend from college, who's singing with his band, Sipol. This is good to see. That dude paid his dues.

Monday, August 9, 2004

Multiple Choice

I lost one of my eyeglass lenses. It popped out last Saturday morning and I didn't even notice. Now I have three options:
Buy one new lens para tibid.

Buy two new lenses para pantay.

Gouge my right eye I won't need any new lenses.
Not surprisingly, someone has recommended the third option.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Cue Falling-Calendar-Page Montage

Today is this blog's first anniversary. I consider this a small achievement.

In the past twelve months I made a couple of changes, the most drastic being the name change from Counting Down To Five to Take Me Drunk, I'm Home. I also changed the color scheme and the site features as I learned how to tweak lines of code. But I'm content now with how the blog looks, even if it's just a default template.

In my very first post I predicted three things. The first two I have fulfilled. The verdict on the last one I leave to you.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Best Start In Years

Ateneo won over NU today and upped its record to 6-0. That hasn't happened since 1988. So far the Blue Eagles haven't missed the services of Larry Fonacier. That could change when they face FEU on Sunday. I will try to get a closer seat, but just in case I'll hold on to the General Admission ticket I have now. The ADMU-FEU match-up is one of the most-awaited this season, being a rematch of last season's best-of-three championship series which the Tamaraws won in two games. Expect the Araneta Coliseum to be packed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Evil Boy

I found an online copy of Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples and e-mailed it to my new officemates. One read it and said she'll never look at Snow White the same way again. Mission accomplished!

In college I learned that the fairy tales we are familiar with are actually sanitized versions. I even read a version of Cinderella where the two stepsisters lopped off their toes just so the glass slipper would fit them.

Blame me for being male but I think the bloody versions are much, much cooler.

Sunday, August 1, 2004


We had tickets for the much-awaited Ateneo-Adamson game yesterday. I passed, though, because the game was at the Philsports Arena and I had yet to sleep. I set my alarm for 4 p.m. but that didn't work. I woke up just in time to catch the final play, an LA Tenorio step-back three-pointer with 4.3 seconds left that won the game for the Blue Eagles. Ateneo is now 5-0! There's now a "14" patch on Ateneo jerseys. That is in honor of Blue Eagles co-captain Larry Fonacier who suffered a season-ending injury in their last game. His mother was at this game, and she cried when the Ateneo crowd chanted "Larry! Larry!" while singing the school song. Touching stuff.